At Heady Adventures, Cannabis is welcome.   We are adults and don't think you should need to hide it.  As of July 1, 2018, possession of up to one ounce is allowed in the State of Vermont.  If you want to bring your own, make sure you know the laws and are willing to abide by them.  We treat cannabis in the same manner as we treat alcohol.  Our weekend packages provide samples of the best Vermont craft beer for our legal aged patrons,  but we are not a liquor store and don't sell alcohol.  Think of cannabis in the same way.  While we may occasionally (if your lucky) provide small samplings of local VT grown cannabis, we do not in any way shape or form sell cannabis.

Cannabis is not a required part of any of our adventures.  Please just be aware that your fellow weekend guests may prefer bud over beer and it is part of what we do.  If you do not partake that is absolutely acceptable!  The riding, food and beer is still excellent without it!