Episode #0 - Introducing the Vermont Outdoors Podcast

Last year I moved back to Vermont for the third time in my life for what I call “semi-retirement”.  My business (National Powersports Distributors) is run by an incredible team and my involvement is no longer needed on a daily basis.  My wife Amy and I always knew that we would move back to Vermont, and we chose the North East Kingdom (NEK) partly because of the amazing Kingdom Trails. It’s not only the trails that are awesome here, the people are too.  It is a community full of people who have turned their love for the outdoors into a lifestyle. And many of them, sometimes out of pure necessity, build unique and successful businesses to go along with that lifestyle. Those are the people I’m hoping to talk to on this show.

For this Pre-First Episode I struggled to monologue an explanation, so I decided to sit down with Joe Fortin, the producer of the show, and have a casual conversation about what the show will be, who I will talk to and some of my personal reasons for starting it.

I have a bunch of really interesting people lined up for the show and I plan on releasing a new episode at least once every two weeks. Shortly I will be releasing a series on the people of the Kingdom Trails.

I would like to speak with people from all different parts of Vermont, or who have VT based businesses. If you know of someone who loves VT and is passionate about living and working here please let me know! Below is how to find me. Enjoy the show, and thanks for listening.

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